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Is your dress an authentic authorized "Augusta Jones" Wedding Dress?
It has come to our attention that suspect businesses are claiming to sell Augusta Jones Bridal Gowns. A number of these businesses have illegally used Augusta Jones images on their websites. To be certain you are purchasing a true Augusta Jones Designer Wedding Dress you can check against the list of authorized sellers on our website.

Purchasing Augusta Jones Wedding Dresses from unauthorised sources, either on the web or in unauthorised retail locations can involve certain risks including but not limited to the following.

That the unauthorised Augusta Jones bridal gowns can be "copies", "knock-offs", "counterfeits", "replicas" or "imitations" and are certain to be of questionable quality. Only genuine Augusta Jones bridal gowns possess the fit, quality and true value for which Augusta Jones is known. That the unauthorised bridal gown may not be delivered despite payment having been made, in part, or in full. Augusta Jones only ships products to Authorised Retailers. If an unauthorised retailer offers to order Augusta Jones products, they are either ordering a counterfeit product or are ordering through unauthorised channels.

If Augusta Jones discovers the supplier of an unauthorised retailer, the supplier is subject to termination. Augusta Jones can only assist brides in the delivery of their bridal gown if the bridal gown is purchased from an Authorised Augusta Jones retailer.

The rise in the number of counterfeit products in circulation has become a disturbing issue for Brides. Counterfeit Augusta Jones products are being offered on websites (E-commerce), in web auctions and in unauthorised retail locations. In some cases, suppliers claim they produce genuine AUGUSTA JONES Designer Wedding Dresses.

Augusta Jones manufactures its own gowns and does not subcontract out to other companies. Any claim by any factory that they are the manufacturers of an Augusta Jones Designer Wedding Dress will be a false claim. As such, any claim by such factories will mean they are selling a counterfeit product.

Authorised Augusta Jones retailers are chosen for their high standards of service and customer support. The retailer is responsible for deciding the retail price. However, if a price is significantly lower than prevailing prices in the marketplace, please regard this as highly suspect and be aware that the product may not be a genuine Augusta Jones product and is likely a counterfeit, inferior product.