The dress of your dreams...

What can we do for you?

Our designs are based on a very simple wish. How to create a gown that makes you feel the most beautiful version of yourself. We offer a unique service with all the trimmings. One that allows you to decide what works best for you. So, if you love the intricate lace bodice but prefer a slimmer skirt; or want to have a lower neckline because it frames your face in just the right way; or you love the idea of lace buttons running down your train; these are the types of changes we can help you with. You get the idea! We are here to listen to what you need. Or you may love the gown just as it is! Either way, you can find out more by talking to our stores.

Why do we do this?

Because we love designing beautiful things. It is that simple. This is what we LOVE doing and is the reason we are still living our personal dream. Be it designing beautiful clothes, jewelry, shoes, or accessories. Much of our inspiration simply comes from living and traveling between two extraordinary cities - London and Hong Kong. Having access to the talent and creativity in these places drives our ideas, the sense of style we gravitate towards and is the key behind the precision with which the gowns are individually hand made.

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